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27.04.20 15:24   Требуется: #Middle/Senior Data Analyst (IT специалисты)   удалить объявление (если оно ваше) отправить объявление  по E-mail

Компания: OOO"ДевБрэйн" все вакансии компании
Расположение: не важно
Объявление устарело
Заработная плата: $
Возраст: не важно
Образование: не важно
Пол: не важно
Тип работы: Постоянная
Our company develops mobile games and applications that are played daily by millions of people around the world. Right now we are looking for a great #Middle/Senior Data Analyst to join our team.

• Working with huge amounts of data;
• Analysing and monitoring key product indicators;
• Searching for growth points, organising and conducting product AB tests;
• Analysis of the game balance;
• Researching user behaviour and influence of other factors;
• Maintaining analytical expertise in chosen areas of the company.

• Mathematical background;
• In-depth knowledge of statistics;
• Data analysis experience using Python;
• Knowledge of analytics systems for mobile applications;
• Knowledge of mobile product metrics;
• Experience in calculating ROI, ARPU, LTV, forecasting and analysing a wide range of metrics, audience segmentation.

Optional requirements:
• Knowledge of SQL;
• Structural approach to analysis;
• Intermediate level of English language or higher;
• Ability to work in a team and experience in managing people and projects.

Besides the engaging tasks, support from experienced colleagues, the opportunity to realize your own ideas, challenge and drive, we offer:
• Work on the best products in the niche;
• High income with performance bonuses;
• Sports reimbursement;
• English lessons;
• Medical insurance;
A fancy office in the center of Minsk
✍️ Feel free to contact me:
📩 hr_olga@devbrain.by
viber: +375(29)840-88-28



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