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26.02.13 9:22   Требуется: Cloud Solutions Engineer (Системные администраторы)   удалить объявление (если оно ваше) отправить объявление  по E-mail

Компания: Altoros Development все вакансии компании
Расположение: Минск и обл.
Объявление устарело
Заработная плата: $
Возраст: не важно
Образование: не важно
Пол: не важно
Тип работы: Постоянная
Altoros Development (www.altoros.com) is looking for a Cloud Solutions Engineer.
The project is developed for and in cooperation with the RightScale Inc., the world leader in cloud computing management. For more detailed information, please follow the link: http://altoros.com/join_rightscale_team.html

- profound experience in Linux/Unix;
- 1-3 years’ experience in at least one scripting language (i.e. Bash, Perl, Ruby, Python, etc.), Ruby is preferred;
- passion for Linux, cloud computing and deploying internet services;
- experience with configuration management tools such as Chef, Puppet will be a benefit;
- fluent English (both written and spoken).

Core responsibilities:
- utilize scripting languages to develop automation for server clusters in the cloud;
- develop server templates that include such things as Oracle, MySQL, Apache, lighttpd, HAProxy, Nginx, Rails, PHP, Django/Python, Squid, memcached, etc.;
- develop virtual machine images on many different clouds and distributions;
- design, implement, test and document automation scripts and programs used by large-scale customers.
Please forward your CV to cv@altoros.com